Green Business of the Month: Clean Planet Smog Check and Auto Repair

Walking into Clean Planet Smog Check and Auto Repair is a unique experience. A front desk made of reclaimed wood, a sunlit and plant-filled waiting area, and a friendly smiling mechanic, might not be what you are used to when you get your car smogged or serviced. Peeking over at the garage side of the building, the floor looks so clean you could eat off of it, and there are big drums containing old automotive fluids that are sent off to be recycled.

Owners Gloria and Ruben Mendoza opened Clean Planet with a specific goal in mind. As Gloria explains, their aim was “to change the stereotype of the average smog check/mechanic shop. We wanted people to feel comfortable and relaxed, and to trust us, so they come back and maintain their cars regularly. That way their cars release less damaging pollutants that contaminate the air.”

Ruben runs a clean, green, and efficient shop. Even before becoming a Green Business, his practices were in line with the requirements of the City of Ventura Green Business Certification Program’s Automotive Repair checklist. Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Clean Planet’s business practices, their business name, and even their slogan which reads, “Breathe clean air, live longer.” Clean Planet was a great fit to become Ventura’s first certified green automotive repair business!

Gloria explains, “I always tell my kids that I want to see my grandkids grow up on a healthy planet. We feel like we can’t change the world, but we can change our world. It hasn’t been hard, you just have to change a few little things.”

One of those little things we can all change is spending our money at local green businesses. Businesses that value the environment value their customers too. Need proof? Just read Clean Planet’s stellar reviews on Yelp, and be sure to visit Clean Planet next time you need a mechanic!

Clean Planet Smog Check and Auto Repair
1050 E Thompson Blvd. Suite B (behind Enterprise)
(805) 653-8050