2018 Ushers in a new Green School Program

For the past ten years, Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water, in conjunction with EJ Harrison and Agromin, have recognized schools for their commitment to the environment through the selection and administration of the Green School Award program. In the past, schools were awarded for their historical environmental efforts. This year, the City’s Green School Awards Program will offer a grant-style award system to help fund new school projects. With this new format, applicants will submit their green ambitions with the city and funds will be allocated according to their impact on the environment, student involvement, and community engagement. This new program is available to all public and private schools within the city limits.

“Teaching our youth about following eco-friendly practices and becoming ‘green stewards’ promotes a sustainable mind-set from an early age. Studies have shown that reaching children at an impressionable age can help enforce life-long positive habits,” said City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Brandon Kaysen.

“Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water offer weekly presentations to elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the City of Ventura that range from educating youth about the water cycle, to stormwater pollution prevention.”

The Green School’s program offers field trips, recycle bins, rain barrels, and more are offered to VUSD schools FREE of charge via the program.

To find out more about the new Green Schools Award Program and to nominate a school (applications being accepted online until March 30, 2018) apply online at: cityofventura.ca.gov/Green-School-Award or call Brandon Kaysen at (805) 652-4593 for more information.