Environmental Tips for Back to School

Creative Clothes Reuse

Arrange a clothing swap with friends and family.

Non-Toxic School Supplies

Before you run to the store to buy supplies, shop your desks and cabinets at home to see what you might already have. This will help reduce impulse buying and eliminate duplicates. When buying backpacks, looked for recycled PET, natural canvas vs. shiny, plastic PVC (look for items labeled PVC-Free).

Pack a Lunch

When you pack a lunch for your children (packaged in a reusable lunch box with a reusable drinking container and reusable containers), you’re helping to reduce trash to the landfill (paper bags, food packaging, etc.). What’s more, you know exactly the quality of food your child eats. Keep it healthy, organic, and sustainable!

Avoid Car Idling

Idling your vehicle is a great source of smog pollution. A good rule of thumb is to use the 30-second rule. If you’re going to be idling for longer than 30 seconds, turn off your engine. Idling your vehicle longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel that it would take to restart the engine!