Attractive Public “GREEN Art” on City’s Trash and Recycle Bins Deters Graffiti


Environmental Sustainability recently partnered with the Parks Department for some public art on the newly purchased (and then heavily graffitied) trash and recycle bins for Grant Park. This was the second round of these bins after they proved to be successful at keeping scavengers out and graffiti artists away at the other location along the bike path, near Main Street. We commissioned local artist, Cathy Winton, to paint the boxes with a warm, environmental feel.

“We found that just having the bear boxes without the artwork, invited graffiti artists to do what they will,” said City of Ventura Community Partnerships Manager Denise Sindelar. “However, by commissioning artists, we find that other public artists respect the works, and so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Contact: Courtney Lindberg

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