Farm to Table: What’s in season for summer?

Eating locally produced fruits and vegetables from Certified Farmer’s Markets is great for your health because the produce is fresh and doesn’t have to be preserved to prevent spoilage as it travels long distances. Less travel time means less greenhouse gas emissions, which also helps to curb air pollution and lessens the impact on climate change. What’s more, you get an opportunity to know your local farmer’s one-on-one and can ask them specific questions about their growing practices, what’s in season, and their favorite recipe and storage tips.

Here’s a list of helpful bullets to make shopping at your local certified Farmer’s Market pleasant and productive:

  • Make sure to shop your pantry cabinets before leaving for the market and make a list of what you’ll need. Knowing what you’ll need before you make your purchases will help reduce food waste and keep you within your budget.
  • Be sure to bring your reusable shopping bag or basket. Keep one in your car just in case you need backup.
  • When you get to the market, scout the market to make sure you’re getting what you need at the best price.
  • Bring your credit cards, but some vendors like small bills, so make sure you have some cash on hand.
  • If you see a veggie or fruit and you’re not familiar with it, ask the farmer what it is and how to use it in a recipe.

A partial list of fruits and vegetables in season for summer:

Vegetables Fruits
Avocados Apricots
Green onions/scallions Blood orange
Summer squash Citrus (Grapefruit, Lemons, Valencia oranges)
Cauliflower Grapes
Asparagus Peaches
Kale Plums
Celery Strawberries
Carrots Nectarines
Spinach Melons
Lettuce Passion Fruit

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