FIVE Tips to Keep Our Storm Drains Clean!



Did you know that when you over-fertilize your lawn, wash pollutants off your car into the street or dump debris near the storm drains around your yard, you’re contributing to storm drain pollution?

Waste that gets into the storm drain system goes unchecked into our waterways and is one of the number one sources contributing to the pollution of our oceans, rivers, and waterways.  Here are some ways you can curb storm drain pollution.

5 Simple tips to prevent water pollution

  • Always sweep up spilled fertilizers, grass clippings, and soil around your home so this waste doesn’t travel from your yard unchecked into the storm drain system and directly into our waterways.
  • If it is safe, make sure the drains in the street surrounding your home are free of debris.
  • NEVER put harsh chemicals down storm drains or the drains inside your home.
  • Remember to pick up after your pet by bagging your pet’s waste and disposing of it properly in the trash.
  • Schedule a free Household Hazardous Waste appointment with the City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division for FREE waste disposal. You can find more details about disposal items and event dates and times at



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