DDM Metering Systems, Inc.: Sustainability in Action

“Working sustainably is not only what we practice in our office, it’s a core value of how we run our business,” said Diane de Mailly, Founder and President of the Ventura-based DDM Metering Systems, Inc., a utility sub-metering systems and meter reading/billing company and new City of Ventura Certified Green BusinDDM logoess.

“We work with clients to educate and motivate them to find more sustainable solutions. Energy costs can be monitored and controlled with the installation of sub-metered electrical, water, and gas systems.”

“For example, buildings that operate off of a master meter must allocate utility costs equally among tenants or by a percentage based on occupancy or square footage. This isn’t fair for those tenants who are conscientious and don’t consume what they’re ultimately charged for. With the installation of individual meters, it makes it viable for multi-unit properties to conserve energy, drive down utility usage, and efficiently allocate utility costs to tenants. When tenants are accountable, they’re more apt to be conscious about conserving and that dramatically decreases usage, sometimes as much as 20-30% as soon as the system is installed.”

De Mailly has been active in the community as a board member of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair of the Chamber’s Green Task Force. She served on Ventura’s Water Shortage Task Force and Water Rate Advisory Committees. She has been honored by Pacific Coast Business Times in the Who’s Who of Clean Tech and Sustainability and as a Top Woman in Business. Needless to say, with her commitment to community and the environment, it’s no wonder that working green is one of her passions.

Diane de Mailly

Diane de Mailly

“Being green — whether you’re at home or in the office — it’s just the right thing to do!” said de Mailly.

When it comes to DDM’s in-house eco-friendly practices, de Mailly chose to be a tenant in her company’s current building because of its commitment to sustainability and the fact that, with a recent renovation, they changed out the building’s lighting to LED, installed low-flow toilets and faucets in the building’s common areas, and were committed to recycling and other eco-friendly practices.

“We all need to be cognizant of our impact on the planet. Living in California, and especially in Ventura so near the coastal waterways, it’s imperative that everyone be environmentally conscious. Every day I think about how incredible it is to live and work in a community like Ventura where the City sets a high bar for sustainable initiatives. I’m very proud of the fact that my company fosters a green mindset as part of its core mission, and it’s truly a pleasure to be intimately involved in helping to preserve and protect the longevity of our amazing, beautiful community.”


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Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV

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