Green Your Holiday with Recycled & Repurposed Decor


Green Your Holidays!

Recycling, reusing and repurposing items around the house are a wonderful eco-friendly way to keep “green” for the holidays. It’s also great on your budget! Here are four sustainable holiday decorating ideas to help make the season bright.

The Holiday Table

Create personalized table centerpieces with items you have around the house. Fresh cut flowers or fruit, winter squashes, or scented pinecones in a basket or tin make for a beautiful holiday table.

Holiday Spruce

Configure some old twine around some pinecones or Christmas ornaments to hang on your windows, around your kitchen, and throughout your home for holiday cheer!

Paper Snowflakes

Old magazines, stationary, or other paper products lying around the house? They make the perfect material to create festive paper snowflakes that can be used for seasonal décor.

Cardboard Tree Ornaments

Environmental Specialist Tobie Mitchell makes a gorgeous holiday ornament with recycled cardboard toilet paper rolls. WATCH this “Eco-Friendly Tips to GREEN your holidays” VIDEO:


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