Two great GREEN Energy Saving Holiday Decorating Tips


Deck the Halls with LED Lights

Did you know that when you use Energy Star Certified LED lights to decorate for the holidays you’re using less energy than when you decorate with traditional incandescent bulbs? LED lights are just as beautiful and they are manufactured without using glass bulbs, so they’re not only more eco-friendly, they’re much safer! (Pictured above Left to Right: Traditional incandescent glass bulb and Energy Star Certified LED Light).



Plug into the Power Strip

Christmas tree lights and other holiday electronics, multiple TVs, computers, phones, DVD players, game consoles, external monitors, printers, desk lights, are just a few of the many electronics people use at home. While aiding our lives in many ways, they often zap energy when they are plugged in, and even turned off!). How do you avoid this electricity waste? Plug your electronics into an energy efficient power strip (advanced power strip – APS), and turn off the power strip with the flick of just ONE switch, when devices are not in use. Additionally, advanced power strips (APS) can help reduce electricity waste when devices are idle.

Happy GREEN Holidays!


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