New Enhanced Residential & Commercial Services from E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc.

This past July 2016, The City of Ventura granted a 10 year franchise renewal agreement to EJ Harrison & Sons, Inc. for solid Trash cans 130x90waste collection and recycling services.

The City of Ventura, in partnership with E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc., and Agromin, has helped the city achieve a sold waste landfill diversion rate of over 70% by developing a variety of recycling programs as well as a cutting edge food waste composting pilot program for businesses.

City residents choose between three trash cart service levels (32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 101-gallon) that all include biweekly recycling and yard waste collection. An upgrade to a larger 96-gallon recycling cart is available upon request at no cost.

Beginning September 1st as agreed to in the new contract, residents will now be eligible for the following enhanced services:

  • Two free bulky item pick-ups, for up to four items per year.
  • Reduction in cost of a second residential recycling cart to $1.25/month (currently $2.50/month).
  • Access to free community cleanup events throughout the city (more information to come).

Commercial Food Waste Collection Services Expansion

In addition to enhanced residential services, Harrison Industries and Agromin Premium Soil Products have expanded their commercial food waste program with the City, which originally launched in 2012. Collection services. Currently, there are now 30 businesses with curbside food waste collection. New state mandates are requiring businesses that generate a large amount of food waste to participate in mandatory curbside food waste collection.

Find out more: LISTEN to the Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST

Find out more about some of the new enhanced services that apply to existing residential, commercial and City Services under this new franchise renewal agreement between EJ Harrison and the City of Ventura by listening to the Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST with City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Tobie Mitchell.

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For questions regarding the franchise renewal agreement, please contact Tobie Mitchell at (805) 652-4584 or






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