Keeping GREEN: Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau

“I first heard about the City’s Certified Green Business Program through the Ventura Chamber of Commerce,” said Marlyss Auster, President and CEO, Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau. “I knew immediately that we should be part of the program because being mindful of our environment by protecting it and helping to keep it clean and beautiful, is not only our mission, but reflective of the sentiments in our community.”Visitor3

Located just a few blocks from the beach, the Bureau, which is open seven days a week, sells a wide variety of Ventura-branded and locally produced items in their large, impressive, downtown digs.

“We carry beautiful local artistry, photography, clothing, and so many other items, and we also market local events, such as wine tasting tours, and other fun activities,” said Auster. “Our main goal is to grow the City’s economy through tourism dollars, as a result, we offer a wide range of information, merchandise and activities. We also market Ventura to destinations internationally, and in the U.S., to places like Texas and Arizona, where it’s really hot in the summer and there’s the potential for tourists to want to visit Ventura’s breezy, stunning beaches.”

As part of the Bureau’s efforts as a new City of Ventura Certified Green Business, they incorporate a number of eco-friendly practices.

Vistor2“We are lucky that we have large picture windows in most of our office and store space,” said Auster. “We very rarely turn on the lights. However, to save on energy consumption in the areas we do, we’ve installed motion sensor lighting where needed, so that the lights turn off when we’re not in those areas. We’re also in the process of changing out the lighting we do have to LED.”

“Blue recycle bins are located everywhere around the space,” added Chelsea Soto, Office Administrator and Green Team Leader at the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau. “To conserve on paper, the office distributes newsletters and other correspondence electronically and print double-sided whenever possible. We also use scratch paper as our notepads.”

The Bureau also installed low flow toilets, and in their kitchen and bathrooms, low flow faucets to curb their water usage.

“We work to be environmentally-conscious as possible and we’re always finding new ways to save, repurpose and reuse. We love our city, and we’re extremely proud to be a part of the green initiative to keep it beautiful, vibrant and thriving,” said Auster.




Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau, 101 S California St, Ventura, CA 93001, (805) 548-2075

-by Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV

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