Binkley Healing Center: Fostering Community Wellness and Environmental Sustainability


When you’re in physical pain resulting from a car accident, suffer from migraines, or a debilitating back or neck injury, the Binkley Healing Center, located at 961 East Main Street in Ventura, is a place to go to find freedom from pain as well as achieve optimum wellness.

“I use non-force chiropractic on my patients,” said Dr. Todd Binkley, founder of the Binkley Healing Center. “This practice identifies patterns of tension in muscles and nerves, and helps the brain relearn how to release this discomfort so that my patients never feel like they need a ‘crack.’”

Todd Binkley

Dr. Todd Binkley

The Binkley Healing Center recently became a City of Ventura Certified Green Business, in part, because Dr. Binkley feels a strong connection to serve the health of the community, as well as foster sustainable in-house practices that benefit the environment.

“The purpose of my practice is to heal people and help them heal themselves and that philosophy also extends to the concept that we all must serve as stewards in taking care of the health of our planet.”

“Toxins are everywhere in the environment — they’re found in cleaning products and in our food. Every day people are subject to a host of pollutants on their daily commute, in the workplace, and in their home environments,” continued Dr. Binkley.  “Exposure to toxins over time can have cumulative effects on one’s health. That’s why it’s part of our mission to help educate people on how to eliminate and/or decrease their exposure to harmful substances.”

In keeping sustainable, the Binkley Healing Center makes it a point to use non-toxic cleaners like vinegar, lemon juice and other natural cleaners. The office also recycles, limits the use of paper by keeping their medical records filed electronically, and purchases reusable products. They save energy using LED lights on dimmer switches, and to save water, low-flow faucets and toilets have been installed.

“To help cut down on pollution, I ride my bike to work as often as possible, “ said Binkley.  “In practicing what we preach, we’ve also installed a water wise organic vegetable garden in planters located right outside the Center to demonstrate to my patients, as well as to passers-by, just how easy it is to grow your own organic garden.”

“If you buy from someone else or eat food someone else cooks, you don’t always know the nutrient content or even where the food comes from, or how it’s grown. Additionally, even if you buy organic, it can mean the food was picked several weeks ago in another country. That’s why I encourage people to grown their own food. If that’s not possible, the second best choice is to buy from local certified farmer’s market.”

“Its exciting to be recognized as a Certified Green Business,” said Dr. Binkley. “I hope every business in Ventura becomes green and looks for ways to be more sustainably proactive. It’s important we all care for our planet so that we can leave it to our grandchildren in as good, or even in better shape, than it’s in right now.”


Binkley Health Center, 961 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001, 805.641.9000


Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV


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