FREE Sustainability Kits for City of Ventura Residents

The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division in partnership with Ventura Water offers FREE Sustainability Kits to city residents.  The kit is designedSustainability Kit Graphic to help residents increase recycling practices and assist with conserving energy, water, and other natural resources, and in the process it can help residents save money on their utility bills.

Each Sustainability Kit includes:

  • A tote to carry recyclables to your outside trash bin
  • A 10-gallon kitchen recycling bin
  • A reusable shopping bag
  • A reusable produce bag
  • A reusable water bottle
  • A BPA free plastic drinking cup (for Ventura tap water!)
  • A refillable homemade cleaner bottle with green cleaning recipes
  • A grease can lid
  • A dish scraper
  • A compact fluorescent light bulb
  • A water efficient hose nozzle
  • Other water saving devices for the home

Click Here to Sign up for YOUR Sustainability Kit today:

Allow several weeks for your order to be ready for pick up.  For more information, visit:,, and/or call (805) 652-4525.





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