Kid-Friendly, Mother Earth-Approved Valentine Crafts

birdheartIf you’re looking for an alternative to packaged Valentines and conversation heart candy, here are a few easy crafts your child (or your inner child) will have fun making and giving.

Heart-shaped Bird Feeders

My preschooler and I made this craft for his friends last Valentine’s Day.  This quick and stress-free craft only requires a bag of bird seed, heart-shaped cookie cutter, and a few ingredients from your pantry. How to Make Heart-Shaped Bird Feeders, CLICK HERE.

Be sure you store your finished bird feeders in a cool place until you give them out. I left a few in my warm car all day and they turned into bird trail mix!

Seed Bombs

With Spring right around the corner, what’s better than the gift of wildflowers? This easy recipe only requires flower seeds, recycled newspaper, water, and a food processor. How to Make Seed Bombs, CLICK HERE.crayons

Rainbow Crayons

This is one of my favorite crafts because it’s a great way to repurpose the abundance of broken crayons my kids have. All you need is a knife, a couple of silicone molds (I buy ice tray molds from the Target Dollar Aisle), and crayons (paper removed).  Cut crayons into small pieces and place into the mold. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees F. Give them plenty of time to cool and harden before removing from the molds.

Tobie Mitchell,

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