SHINE SUPPLY — The 2015 Environmental Excellence Award Winner

Every year since 2006 at the Annual Poinsettia Awards Luncheon the City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division in conjunction with the Ventura Chamber of Commerce have presented the “Environmental Excellence Award,” which recognizes a local business for their exemplary efforts in integrating environmental concerns into their business philosophy and practices. Jeremy3

This year at the December 10th luncheon at the Ventura Beach Marriott, the 2015 Environmental Excellence Award was presented to Shine Supply, a division of Stevens Detailing, Incorporated, a full-service detailing company headquartered at 1302 Tower Square, #1 in Ventura.

“Being eco-conscious and employing sustainable practices is not common in the detailing industry,” said Jeremy Stevens, Shine Supply’s Founder and Owner. “I sincerely appreciate the City and the Chamber recognizing Shine Supply with this honor, and in doing so, acknowledging our company’s eco-friendly products and practices.”

While Stevens Detailing, Incorporated was founded in 1996, the Shine Supply Division was born just a few short years ago out of Steven’s passion for creating “shine” as well as his newly realized vision of offering quality environmentally-friendly products to the public.

“For as long as I can remember, even before I founded my business, I’ve always been passionate about detailing and achieving a finish that is superior in every possible way,” said Stevens. “However, it wasn’t until about four years ago when my wife and I started to research and talk about the importance of consuming organic and sustainable foods, that I also began to look into other areas of our lives that could benefit by the use of less toxic substances.”

“In addition to making products that serve multiple purposes, in order to keep consumer costs low, I made a conscious decision to keep out of large ‘box stores.’ As a result, clients purchase our products direct, either by visiting our Ventura headquarters in person, or by buying online at Shine Supply (

Needless to say, in just a few short years Shine Supply has become known and respected industry wide and considered to be the number one source for safe, quality detail products at a fair price.

A sampling of products sold include Shine Supply’s Eco Shine Waterless/Rinseless Wash, which is an exterior cleaner that’s quick, easy and environmentally friendly providing a shine without having to rinse with water, to Clean ‘N Shine, a one-step solution for a clean, dressed, and factory looking interior for all internal vehicle  surfaces (dash, door panels, leather, vinyl, plastic, and similar surfaces), which has special UV blocking agents, an odor neutralizer and an anti-static additive to help repel dust build-up. Other eco-friendly products include carpet and upholstery cleaners, waxes, and more.

More recently, the company has begun to work with, train and distribute to detailers nationwide. They’ve also won the support of several area Fire Departments, all of whom now exclusively  use their water saving products including the Ventura City Fire Department, Ventura County Fire Department, and the City of Filmore Fire Department.

Shine Supply also practices what they preach. In their office workspace, they’ve adopted such environmentally friendly practices as the installation and use of LED lighting as well as other energy saving electronics. They also recycle paper and packing materials and they educate their customers, potential customers, and product distributors on the benefits of thinking green.

“At the end of the day, we all need to think of ways we can contribute to the sustainability of our environment,” said Stevens. “In making that decision years ago, I know I sleep better every night. Even if it’s just making a difference in our own households and office spaces, we need to do what we can and we also need to teach our children how to think that way. This cumulative impact of everyone doing their part can make a huge difference in the future sustainability of our community.”

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