Tips To Keep It GREEN Back to School

It’s well a known fact that educating children at a young age about the environment helps form positive patterns that stick with them for life. Here are some back to school tips that can make a difference!

ONE:  Eat Smart, Healthy and Sustainable

Prepackaged food items generate huge amounts of waste, most of which ends up in the landfill. Avoid overly packaged foods when shopping for lunch items and buy bulk whenever possible.

Healthy LunchTWO: Always Use Reusable Bottles and Containers

Avoid plastic! Pack sandwiches and other items in reusable, washable containers, which you can then pack in reusable containers and lunch boxes. Use cloth napkins vs. paper as well as reusable utensils to cut down on waste

Reusable Steel Bottles

Reusable Steel Bottles

THREE:  Use Less Paper when it comes to Homework

Keep it GREEN when it comes to homework! Always purchase recycled content paper and other items like pens, pencils, and other products.


FOUR: Recycle and Re-purpose Back-to-School Clothes

Do you have clothes in your closets with their price tags still on them? Perhaps there’s a shirt or sweater that never gets worn. Host a clothing swap party with family and friends to recycle perfectly good clothes and change things up. One person’s cast offs are often another’s  treasure.

ClothesSwapTalk to your children about the environment!

Here are some great games, quizzes, videos and more from the Environmental Protection Agency, CLICK HERE. Parent Teaching Child

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