City’s New FREE Water Wise Gardening Class Series Kicks Off

RightPlantRightPlaceIn 2010, the City of Ventura in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation held the   first FREE Water Wise Gardening Class Series which was aimed at informing Ventura Water residents on how they could help promote environmental sustainability in their landscape, conserve local water resources, reduce green waste production, curb water pollution and protect our oceans, as well as save money on their water bill.  The series was so successful, often times with standing room only, that the City took note that residents were keen on learning more about these water wise topics.

To that end, the City has since procured special grants and community partners to help support and promote the free ongoing class series with classes being held once (sometimes more) a month on Saturday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., except during late summer and the winter holidays, when most residents are unavailable.

RetrofitThis past August 2015 kicked another new water wise series.  A class overview includes: August 29:How to Successfully Complete Your Garden Retrofit in 120 Days” (Navigating the new Water Wise Incentive Program application process and garden retrofit on time), September 12: “Right Plant, Right Place”(Where and how to plant native plants), October 10: “Composting & Healthy Soils with Dr. Rot” (Identifying your soil type and how to compost to create a rich soil), October 24: “Ocean Friendly Gardens Workshop” (A hands-on workshop using rainwater as a resource), November 21: “Rainwater Harvesting and Laundry to Landscape Graywater Reuse” (How to install a rain barrel and using laundry water instead of drinking water in your garden), December 5: “Ask an Irrigation Professional with Ewing Irrigation” (An A to Z opportunity to find out and ask any questions you may have regarding landscape irrigation watering methods and systems as well as how to program irrigation timers).

Each class will be presented by an esteemed industry professional with expertise in the area the present.  Attendees also have the opportunity to mix, mingle and network, ask questions and enjoy complimentary refreshments before and after all class presentations.  Informative literature and usable handouts are provided at all classes.  Additionally, when appropriate for class demonstrations, devices are available for hands-on experience.

“Each class in the series is intended to build on the other,” said City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Jill Santos.  “So in essence, it’s a library of information and of resources for the homeowner to use to improve the sustainability of their landscape and the efficiency of their outdoor irrigation system.”

“What’s really wonderful about this series is that the community has really come together, especially since the drought,” continued Santos.  “Many working professionals have donated their time and resources to help educate the public on sustainable practices, and that’s really what it’s all about if were are going to have community sustainability and longevity.”

Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV

WATCH the Sustainable Ventura Interview with Jill Santos about the New Water Wise Series

Class Series List – CLICK links to Register (each will have a link)

August 29 – How to Successfully Complete Your Garden Retrofit in 120 Days
September 12 – Right Plant – Right Place with Nature by Design
October 10 – Composting & Healthy Soils with Dr. Rot – at Green Thumb (partner for the event)
TBD: 10/24 – Ocean Friendly Gardens – Hands-on Workshop Using Rainwater as a Resource at Juanamaria Elementary School
November 21 – Rainwater Harvesting and Laundry to Landscape Graywater reuse
December 5 – Ask an Irrigation Professional with Ewing Irrigation

All classes are held at 336 Sanjon Road – City Maintenance Yard except for the Composting Class, which is held at Green Thumb Nursery on 1899 S Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA

For more information, contact: (805) 652-4501

Apply for the Water Wise Incentive Program:

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