Green Business: Global Delivers Logistics Becomes a City of Ventura Certified Green Business

Global400“As a small business, working green just makes sense. Not only is there a cost savings benefit, it just really makes us feel proud that we’re doing something proactive to help conserve and preserve our environment,” said Sara Deutinger, Customer Care Artisan, Global Delivers Logistics.

Global Delivers Logistics is a provider of warehousing and inventory management services serving telecommunications, government and energy utility clients throughout the United States. Located in Ventura, CA and Dallas, TX, and occupying over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, the company distributes such items as electrical and power equipment, cabling, panels, and other items related to everyday usage in products such as laptops, desktops and cell phones.

Sara Deutinger, Customer Care Artisan, Global Delivers Logistics.

Sara Deutinger, Customer Care Artisan, Global Delivers Logistics.

“While operating green is fairly new to the company, adopting eco-friendly practices has really resonated with how we work, and the quality and detailed services we provide. If we can set a good example by doing the right thing for our company as well as the community and environment, we’re all for it.”

“The staff has embraced these practices, so much so, that now they are constantly coming up with suggestions about how to live and work green, both inside and outside the office,” continued Deutinger.

A sampling of green practices the company employs includes: the installation of motion sensors that turn off office lighting when  not in use, plugging all electronics into power strips for easy, energy-saving shut off capabilities, and replacing all office and warehouse lighting to energy efficient CFLs.

In practicing water efficiency, small stickers to remind employees to conserve are placed near all sinks and low flow faucets and toilets have also been installed throughout the facility.

“Recycling and reuse are two other areas where we really conserve,” said Deutinger. “Due to the nature of our business, and the fact that we fulfill and ship from our warehouse, we pack products using recyclable material. Whenever possible, we also reuse any materials that we can in items that are shipped to us. To keep green, we also never use packing peanuts, instead opting for more eco-friendly methods using reusable paper and plastic bubble wrap to pack items.”

Blue recycle bins can be found all around the office and warehouse, and signs have been posted near the receptacles to remind staff what goes in what bin.

“In our kitchen we reduce and reuse by staying away from disposable  materials. Instead, we reuse glass cups and mugs, as well as plates and utensils that we can wash and reuse — all of which we purchased at a local thrift store,” said Deutinger.

Digitizing the office workspace has also provided a huge cost savings for the company. “We’ve reduced our paper usage and saved a significant amount by scanning and emailing all our documents. Now that we’ve gone digital, and we see how well it works, we’ve encouraged our vendors and customers to operate this way too.”

In addition to her work in the Customer Care Department, Deutinger also spearheads the company’s Green Team and in-house green initiatives. Deutinger enjoys emailing staff useful environmental articles she comes across, and presents enlightening PowerPoint presentations about the how’s and why’s of keeping green at staff meetings. Employees are also encouraged to share their ideas. As an amusing incentive to keep green, employees are fined twenty-five cents when they commit an eco-friendly faux pas, and that money is saved to help fund staff events.

“While we take being green seriously, we also have fun with it,” said Deutinger. “That way it’s a win-win all around.”



Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV


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