What’s In Season for Summer? Midtown Cafe’s Garlic Marinated Kale Salad


Midtown Cafe’s Garlic Marinated Kale Salad

According to Midtown Cafe’s Executive Chef Jonathon Juarez, fresh produce such as heirloom tomatoes and heirloom carrots, are all in season for summer and big on the menu at Midtown Cafe!  The ingredients listed below for “Garlic Marinated Kale Salad,” are not only yummy, healthy and delicious, they’re purchased from local farmers and vendors and the result is a fresh, tasty dish full of flavor and loaded with vitamins!

Midtown Cafe's Executive Chef Jonathan Juarez

Midtown Cafe’s Executive Chef Jonathan Juarez

“This kale salad is one of the cafe’s favorites throughout the year,” said Chef Juarez.  “To keep farm to table fresh and in season, what we do is  change out  our veggie and fruit toppers to coincide with what’s in season. Shopping local also helps our community, and we’re all for that.”

“So for summer, heirloom tomatoes and heirloom carrots are definitely in.  Additionally, some of the seasonal summer fruits we’ll add during this time of the year are the melons – cantelope and honeydew.  We also have fantastic  nectarines and peaches at this time of year, so we’ll definitely incorporate them,  and by the end of the summer, we’ll have grapes.”

Other items on the summer menu include an “Organic Quinoa Salad” made with an organic spring lettuce mix and organic quinoa, cranberries, pecans, mixed with an orange vinaigrette dressing, as well as a  “Mediterranean Salad” made with an organic  lettuce mix, fresh bell peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, and an organic Greek dressing.

Chef Juarez graciously shared the recipe for the “Garlic Marinated Kale Salad” that you can enjoy in the restaurant, and/or try at home.  Bon Appétit!

Garlic Marinated Kale Salad

Makes 4 servings


2 bunches purple kale

4 tsp. Hemp seeds

6 oz. cherry heirloom tomatoes

4 tsp. sunflower seeds

3/4-c. sliced cucumber

1/2 c. peeled heirloom carrots

half avocado

Garlic Tahini Dressing

5 lemons

6 garlic cloves

2 tsp.  salt

2 tsp. black pepper

1 1/2 c. Tahini

2 tsp. soy sauce

6 tsp. agave

1/2-c. water


  • Remove steams from kale, then cut them in 1/4 pieces and wash and dry the pieces (use a Salad Spinner). Once the kale pieces are dry, place the pieces in a large bowl.
  • Cut tomatoes in half and put them in the bowl with the kale.
  • Cut cucumbers in slices put in them in the bowl with the kale and tomatoes.
  • With a potato peeler, peel thin strips of carrots and add carrots to the kale bowl.
  • Grab a blender and a lemon squeezer and squeeze all lemons into blender then add all garlic cloves, soy sauce, agave, tahini, and blend all together.
  • Once the lemon mixture is blended, pour into another bowl and add in salt and pepper. Whisk all together.
  • Once the ingredients whisked together, add water and continue to whisk until you get a smooth consistency. (Add more water, and if needed salt to taste).
  • Pour dressing in kale carrot mix and massage dressing lightly once coated evenly.
  • Add sunflower seeds.
  • Plate salad and add cucumbers, tomatoes and top with hemp seeds and avocado.

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Midtown Cafe's Green Certification Sticker is proudly displayed!

Midtown Cafe’s Green Certification Sticker is proudly displayed!

Drop by Midtown Cafe and say "Hello!" to  General Manager Jacky Larkin

Drop by Midtown Cafe and say “Hello!” to General Manager Jacky Larkin










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