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     Dan Glassman is the owner of The Glass Man Professional Window Washing, Inc., as well as a passionate member of 1% For the Planet (a non-profit organization that facilitates businesses in donating to environmental causes). When Dan heard about the City of Ventura’s Green Business Certification program from other certified business associates, he knew he had to become a part of the program.

     “I’m an outdoor kind of person,” said Glassman. “When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time hiking, in the mountains climbing rocks, and enjoying a day at the beach.  So for me, becoming green certified is just a natural progression of what I believe personally  — that we’re all responsible for taking care of this planet and that we have to be proactive about it.”

     While, ironically, Dan’s last name ‘Glassman,’ suits his profession perfectly, it was his empathy and care for the environment that led him to found his company approximately nine and a half years ago. 

     “When I worked for another glass cleaning company, I saw employees forced to rush through jobs, often creating a messy chaos in the process. Witnessing that many clients were dissatisfied, I saw an immediate opportunity where I could offer my clients empathy, and a commitment to better quality service.”

     Dan’s dedication led him to form a strong customer base that continues to this day. In addition to glass and window cleaning, The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Inc., cleans blinds and other window coverings, solar panels, and pressure washes homes.

     As an environmentalist and business owner, Dan is conscious of the products he uses on the job. “We only use natural soaps and 100% all natural soaps, because they’re safe for the customer’s health as well as the environment.”

     When scheduling appointments, Dan  maximizes route efficiency, which minimizes driving,  saves on gas, and prevents excessive greenhouse gas emissions. 

     “While my ‘office’ is mainly the truck I use for my jobs, I do have a home office where I have recycle bins, use LED lights, and have incorporated the use of low-flow toilets and faucets.”

     Other sustainable practices the company employs includes electronic invoicing and accounting, printing business cards on 100% post consumer recycled paper, and the use of power strips to plug in and control any electronics.

     “We also hold weekly staff meetings to discuss sustainable practices and ideas,” said Glassman. “This keeps everyone on board and informed and it’s great for brainstorming.”

     Dan believes that owning a business is a powerful vehicle to affect change in the community and constantly works towards rallying other individuals and businesses to think green.

     “You can’t assume everyone thinks in a sustainable fashion, because they don’t,” said Glassman.  Not everyone is aware of the hows and whys — yet.  That’s why it’s important that when you are environmentally conscious, you talk to your friends and associates and vice versa, and together you all spread the good word.”

     –Maryann Ridini Spencer, SustainableVentura.TV



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