How to PRUNE your native garden


Native gardens are not only beautiful, they help conserve natural resources. February is a great time to hard PRUNE your native gardens.  In this Sustainable Ventura News segment, Designer Laura Bauer with,  demonstrates how to care for your garden and keep it waterwise!

Native Gardens help conserve water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, California’s water supply is becoming increasingly overtaxed.  The state consumes 2 million more acre-feet of ground water than it recharges naturally.  California is also at a higher risk for drought than other areas of the country.  In the City of Ventura, our drinking water supplies are all local – from groundwater wells, Lake Casitas and the Ventura River.  During dry conditions, like we are experiencing now, taking actions to use water wisely will leave more water in the environment and stretch our supplies.

Since 40-60% of water is used outdoors, one of the best ways to conserve water is to plant a landscape with native vegetation.  In this news segment, Designer Laura Bauer offers some helpful tips for pruning plants and cleaning up native garden habitats to encourage new growth to help our landscapes and gardens flourish without the use of excessive watering.
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