Livin’ Green: Christmas Tree Recycling



     Deck the Halls with Christmas trees, holly and other beautiful greens this holiday season!  When it’s time to take your tree down, here’s an easy 1-2-3- guide of how to recycle post holiday!

Christmas Tree Recycling

       1-2-3 Christmas Tree Recycle Guide

  • Remove the ornaments and hooks

  • Take down all lights, tinsel and bows

  • Remove your Christmas tree from the stand

  • Cut the tree into 4-foot sections

  • Place tree sections in your yard waste barrel on your scheduled pick up dayFlocked Trees

Flocked (or artificial snow) Christmas Trees

Please note that E.J. Harrison & Sons is now accepting flocked Christmas trees (with artificial snow) for recycling.  The trees collected will be processed into various sizes of mulch, which is used by Agromin to make products that benefit our farmlands, orchards and nurseries.  Additionally, it’s made available for FREE to City of Ventura residents at Cornucopia Gardens.


For more information on Christmas tree recycling, call 805-652-4525.  For information on Residential Recycling, visit: and




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