It Takes a Village: Cleaning up the Santa Clara Riverbed



        On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, in just under two hours, City of Ventura staff, community leaders and 500 students from California Lutheran University (CLU) removed 21.28 tons of trash from the Santa Clara riverbed.

        “The coordinated efforts from all parties involved continues to be very impressive,” said Peter Brown, City of Ventura Manager of Economic Development.  “Also impressive are some of the comments we heard the students making during the cleanup, like ‘Wow, I had no idea people could live like this’.  The value of exposing these young and energetic minds to the disenfranchised can only serve to help the community grow as a whole.”

        Since 2008, CLU students, as part of the University’s “You Got Served” service project, along with city staff and community leaders have removed more than 36.45 tons of trash from the Ventura riverbed. The cleanup is customarily held during the student orientation week introducing them to commitment to service and justice.

        The Santa Clara riverbed has been a homeless encampment area where tons of trash and debris has accumulated. For public health and the safety and conservation of our waterways, this past August 2013, the homeless living at the riverbed, were offered other living arrangements. In an initial phase of the riverbed cleanup, Public Works, Ventura Water and the Parks Departments , along with maintenance crews, spent 48 hours demolishing large homeless encampments with heavy equipment removing 39.82 tons of trash.

        “Trash, debris and hazardous waste making its way into our oceans, riverbeds and waterways is a constant concern,” said City of Ventura Environmental Supervisor Joe Yahner. “This cleanup, one of many annual cleanups throughout the State, is proving vital in promoting our community’s sustainability.”

        To find out how you can assist in preventing stormwater pollution WATCH the SustainableVentura.TV videos featured below.



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