The City of Ventura and E.J. Harrison & Sons Unveil New Program to Help Property Owners Improve Recycling and Comply with New State Law


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s most recent data, Americans generate about 250 million tons of trash a year — or about 4.5 pounds per person, per day!  Much of this trash is generated by single-family and multi-family homes. And although Ventura’s single-family homes do a good job of recycling – over 45% percent of household waste is recycled in the blue barrels or yard waste barrels – multi-family households could use some improving.

crop.comm.trk“Recycling at multi-family complexes tends to be more challenging,” said Jill Sarick, Environmental Specialist with the City of Ventura. “Many of our multi-family complexes have space constraints, which makes it difficult to place recycle bins in convenient locations. Multi-family residents also tend to move more frequently, making recycling education more difficult.”

FREE "Eco-Kit"


Recognizing the potential for improve multi-family recycling, the State passed Assembly Bill 341 making recycling mandatory for all multi-family complexes with 5 units or more. To help property owners comply with this new legislation, the City of Ventura and E.J. Harrison & Sons, are providing free on-site waste assessments and educational resources to property owners to help residents improve their recycling efforts. The program includes free “eco-kits” for residents, which includes a recycling tote, energy efficient light bulb, water efficiency devices, and more.

“Participating in this program is really a win-win for multi-family complex managers and owners,” said Sarick. “Their participation allows residents to receive these valuable kits. Plus, improving recycling in their complexes can help reduce trash costs since recycling is already included in their service rate.”

“From the beginning, before it was a law, the Harrison’s thought that it was their duty to treat single family home residents and condo and apartment residents the same, believing that everyone wants to do the right thing. It’s also our job to make it as easy as possible to recycle. We call it the equal rights to recycle,” said Nan Drake, Government Affairs and Public Relations for Harrison Industries.


For a FREE assessment and resources (available in English and Spanish), contact Jill Sarick at (805) 652-4501 and email: or Daniel Harrison at (805) 647-1414 Ext. 4321 and email: to schedule an appointment.



Items that can be recycled (in the BIG WHITE BIN):


•Cardboard (Boxes flattened.  Paper bags, egg cartons, cereal type boxes with inserts removed).

•Cartons (Milk, juice soup and wine are now recyclable in Ventura).

•Paper/Junk Mail (All types and colors of mixed paper including junk mail envelopes).

•Magazines (All types including catalogs).

•Newspapers (All newspapers and inserts)

•Glass Containers (All food & beverage containers.  Please make sure to empty and clean them.  Labels and lids are ok to include).

•All Hard Plastics #1-#7 including nursery pots, yogurt containers and toys.

•Aluminum & Metal Cans (All steel, tin and aluminum foil and beverage containers.  Please empty and clean, labels and lids are okay to include).

•Aluminum foil

•Milk cartons, gable-top and aseptic containers like juice and soup

•shrink wrap


Items that can not be recycled:


•NO Styrofoam, Film Plastic, Plastic bags.

•NO Landscape, Bathroom, Oil, Chemical or Liquid Waste.

•NO Window glass, ceramics or mirrors

•NO Food waste or trash

•NO paper with food moisture on it (i.e. Pizza boxes, cups)

•NO Household Hazardous Waste (NO cell phones or other electronics, NO batteries or fluorescent bulbs, NO TV/Computers, NO Oils, paints or other hazardous waste, NO Aerosol cans.


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To dispose of Household Hazardous Waste, Call (805) 652-4525 for information and to schedule a FREE appointment the third Saturday of every month at Gold Coast Recycling.  Appointments are required.  Also visit:


TEXT “Ventura” to 39798 for Green Tips also Visit: or call (805) 62-4525


-Maryann Ridini Spencer




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