Green Gift Shopping at the Holidays: 5 Sustainable Tips

greengiftbag1.  Make a List and Check it Twice

Before going out to shop, make a list of all the gifts you have to buy (and gift suggestions).  Then plot out what stores you’ll be traveling to.  Save time, gas and money by charting out your route.

2.  Shop Online

A great way to save on transportation, packing and mailing gift costs, shop ONLINE!

3.  Visit your local Thrift Store for a “reusable” find

Thrift Stores can be the source of amazing, unique gifts — antique jewelry, one-of-a-kind art pieces, cool clothing — to name only a few types of presents that will foster goodwill!

4.  Buy Local!

Support your local economy.  Buy from local vendors and businesses.   In the process, you’ll reduce your transportation costs (and save on green house gas emissions!).

5.  Give the GIFT of your time

Cook a meal for a friend or family member, create an original masterpiece by creating a unique art piece from items you have sitting around your house, participate as a volunteer for programs sponsored by your favorite local charity or at your local library.

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