TIPS FROM THE EXPERT: Be “EEK-0-Friendly” This Halloween!


By Christine Wied

Halloween is just around the corner. Here are a few opportunities to be “EEK-O-Friendly” this year.


  • Trade or swap costumes with friends instead of buying new ones. It has been estimated that if half the costumes just children wear were swapped and reused, 6,250 tons of material would be kept out of the landfill.
  • Host a Halloween party asking people to wear recycled or vintage costumes. Give a prize for the “greenest” example.
  • Make your own face paint with recipes by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with mostly food based ingredients. Low levels of lead as well as allergens such as nickel, chromium and cobalt have been found in some commercially produced face paints.
  • Upcycle those candy wrappers. Think of all the landfill space that would be saved by using them to make items such as bracelets or this colorful pouch. Check out the program by TerraCycle’s Candy Wrapper Brigade where you can send candy wrappers to be made into new things and provide cash for non-profit organizations.
  • Strive for a zero-waste Halloween party by having reusable tableware, beverage containers (canning jars to hold that witch’s brew), napkins and tablecloths. Be creative with decorations by reusing or repurpose items you already have around the house or can purchased at a thrift store.
  • For those trick or treaters, consider fair trade or candy-with-a-cause where a percentage of the profits go to charity.
  • After the big day, cook that locally grown pumpkin to use in nutritious recipes. If it starts to mold, compost it.

Contact: Christine Wied,

“Get Your Green On” article for Open Line, 10-24-2012

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