Tips From the Expert: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by repurposing products!

By Christine Wied

In the hierarchy “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” we know that the most important element is Reduce followed by Reuse.  Reusing reduces the need to buy new products by repurposing them. Not only does reusing reduce disposal but also usually there is no extensive sorting, transporting and processing of the essential elements as is necessary in recycling. This can save additional resources and greenhouse gas emissions., a recycling and sustainability website is teaming up with GOODMaker in sponsoring a competition to come up with a universal sign for Reuse. In the 1970’s Gary Dean Anderson, a student at the University of Southern California won a competition sponsored by a recycled paperboard company for his design of the chasing arrows symbol that has come to be recognized as the universal symbol for recycling. It represents the three steps in recycling – collecting, manufacturing and buying of products made from recycled goods. With this competition, it is hoped that a symbol can be designed that will have a similar impact on reusing.

With all the artists and creativity in our City, it would be great if someone from Ventura would enter this competition with its $500.00 prize. Entries are due to GOODMaker by August 22. Submission requirements are on their website. The winning symbol would then be placed in the public domain for general use without royalties. The symbol could be a powerful reminder that we need to reduce our “throw away” mentality and wasted resources through Reuse.

Open Line artcile for July 25, 2012

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