Think GREEN And Consider These Useful Tips

  • Unplug appliances, AC/DC chargers, turn-off lights and power down computers when not in use.
  • Carpool, walk, bike or take public transportation to get to your destination.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs (CFL) and only use as much light as needed. Try and use natural lighting as much as possible.
  • Purchase recycled content products and look for companies that use sustainable practices.
  • Always recycle materials like paper, cans, glass, and plastic. Small businesses that qualify may take batteries,  and other hazardous waste to City Hazardous Waste Collection Events. Call for an appointment.*
  • Reduce paper by distributing documents electronically and print only when necessary.
  • Set thermostats higher in the summer and lower in the winter.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean a driveway or sidewalk.
  • Break the water bottle habit. Get your water from a central source and use a reusable cup or bottle.
  • Shop locally! It reduces our environmental impact and supports the local economy.

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