Does Your Business Qualify for the City of Ventura’s Small Business Hazardous Waste Recyling Program?

Q & A for Small Businesses And Hazardous Waste

Does your small business generate hazardous waste such as: aerosol or oil-based paints, cleaners and degreasers, pesticides, pool chemicals, florescent lights, etc.?

If so, your business may qualify for the City of Ventura’s Small Business Hazardous Waste Recycling Program.

Does Your Business Qualify?

*If you are a small business that does not produce more than 27 gallons or 220 pounds (100 kg) in any calendar month, or less than 1 quart or 2.2 pounds of acutely hazardous waste (as specified by EPA), you are considered a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator or CESQG. Effective October 2004, Ventura-based CESQG’s are eligible for a $150 (up to $600.00 annually) disposal subsidy at the City of Ventura Household Hazardous Waste collection events.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for disposal at the next HHW Event, here are the details:

  • Call the City of Ventura at: (805) 652-4525
  • You MUST indicate you are a CESQG requesting an appointment for the next City of Ventura HHW collection – The City of Ventura will determine eligibility over the phone
  • The City of Ventura will ask you to send them a list of chemicals for pricing purposes
  • Establish your appointment time with the City of Ventura.
  • The City of Ventura will mail a confirmation form to your business with appointment time and safe packaging instructions for transportation. Remember, transportation of your load cannot exceed the 27 gal./220 lb. Limit
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act requires labels to be on all containers

At the HHW Event:

  • Your materials will be collected, weighed, and a receipt issued
  • The City of Ventura will pay the initial $150.00. Any remaining balance is the responsibility of your business, due by check or cash on the date collected.

The City of Ventura Environmental Services Office provides free, professional Commercial Recycling visits to businesses in an effort to help you establish a recycling program or expand your existing one. For more information, please call 652-4525.

Electronic Waste

Because of toxic components, the State of California has directed that electronic items such as computers, monitors, FAX machines, telephones, cell phones, microwave ovens and other electronic equipment can no long go into the regular trash that goes to a landfill. Ventura businesses may safely dispose of these items for FREE at Gold Coast Recycling, 5275 Colt Street. Contact them at 805 642-9236 for current hours of operation.

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