Volunteer Opportunities

Public Works Department Environmental Sustainability has a variety of volunteer opportunities each year to help make Ventura’s Environment even better. No experience is necessary; City staff will provide training. Some of the volunteer opportunities available are:

  • Video Production Assistants: Assisting in taping and production of “Ventura’s Environment” (a weekly half-hour cable TV program produced by Ventura Public Works that examines environmental conservation issues in Ventura)
  • Household Hazardous Waste Helpers: Checking-in participants and directing traffic at quarterly Household Hazardous Waste events (four Saturdays per year).
  • Business Recycling Ambassadors: Assisting Ventura businesses to implement and maintain recycling programs.
  • Recycling Research Assistants: Collecting data through field studies of recycling habits of Ventura residents and businesses. Data collected will guide City staff in making program decisions and revisions.
  • For more information on how you can join our volunteer programs,
  • call Environmental Sustainability, at (805) 652-4525.
  • Environmental Ambassadors: Staffing environmental exhibits at local events throughout the year (usually during weekends).


  1. hi Ray,

    If you would, I need a copy of your Ventura River Estuary trash/illegal encampment report that you presented to the City Council tonight, for reference in an upcoming Surf & River Report episode about that very issue.

    When you get the chance, please email me the .pdf file.

    Thanks for all of your outstanding work,


  2. “Thank you for your comment Robert. You can always find the complete staff report for any item brought to Council on our City’s website (put in link or address here) under the Public Meetings section. Just locate the date of the Council meeting the item was brought before Council and click on the specific agenda item staff report you’d like to see. You can also watch a video recording of any agenda item on Council meetings at the same link. Thanks again and please feel free to call our office if you have any difficulties in locating the information! 652-4525”

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