Now In Production: The Treasure of San Buenaventura


The Treasure of San Buenaventura




stranger wearing tattered clothes and clutching an armload of scrolls staggers into an old west town.  After uttering some strange words, he collapses and disappears.  The leading townfolk argue over the ramifications of the amazing, yet cryptic information the scrolls contain.

One of the scrolls turns out to be a treasure map.  The “buried” treasure prompts a fortune hunting adventure in the hills of Ventura.

The treasure turns out to be as enigmatic as the scrolls and creates further dissension amongst the town’s residents.  The dissention growns into an all-out struggle bteween the good and the greedy.

People from another world arrive just in time to prevent a war between the splintered factions.  These visitors use their powers to restore peace and enlighten the town’s people as to the true meaning and significance of the mysterious scrolls and treasure.

Through this experience, the people of this old west town learn why it is so important to help nuture the Earth by recycling, composting, conserving water and preventing stormwater pollution.


The Sheriff – Ray Olson

Miss Lillian Dudley – Marian Macumber

Mrs. Mary Dudley – Lynn Weitzel

Mr. E.P. Foster – Jim Kasmir

Mr. Henry Lloyd – Paul Vaksvik

Henry’s Ranch Hand – Jane Middleton

Gold Miner – Robert Church

Mrs. Caroline Dudley – Modenia Joy Kramer

Annette Petit Laurent – Connie Korenstein

Mr. Harrison – Joe Buccino

Townsfolk  – Diane Beeler, Michael Beeler, Jordan Deff, Courtney Lindberg, Lilly Okamura, Kirk Thomas Olsen, Colleen Walton, Christine Wied, Josh Williams

All scenes filmed in the City of Ventura

Special Thanks to:

  • Luke Kirouff
  • Maryann Ridini Spencer
  • EP Foster Library
  • Ventura Theatresports
  • Olivas Adobe Historical Site
  • Dudley House Historic Museum

Thank you to the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) for providing a grant to help fund the production costs of this program.



A Production of the City of Ventura Public Works Department, Environmental Services Office.

(805) 652-4593


This program is not intended to accurately portray real history nor any of Ventura’s historical characters.  Learn more about Ventura’s true history at EP Foster Library, or visit Ventura’s historic sites:

  • Olivas Adobe Historical Site – Weekend Tours available – call 805-644-4346.
  • Dudley House Historic Museum – corner of N. Ashwood and Loma Vista in Ventura.  Tours held the first Sunday of the month from 1-4 pm.  644-3286


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